Through the eyes of a simulation expert: assessing the range of an electric vehicle under diverse conditions


What is the best setup for the desired electric vehicle characteristics under different driving and environment conditions? How do the controls of driving performance and comfort influence the range?

These are just some of the questions to be answered when developing a new electric vehicle platform. We have asked Salim Chaker – expert for system simulations at ESI Group with focus on EVs – how he would approach this task.

Watch Salim how he is creating a system model of an electric vehicle during the webinar including electric machine, battery, load model and controls. Such a model can be extended by cabin climatization, environment conditions, detailed thermal model of the battery, etc. for even more comprehensive consumption analyses.

Key Topics of Webinar

1. Choosing the right components according to the vehicle specifications
2. Evaluating the range dependent on vehicle setup and environmental conditions
3. Exemplary workflow based on system simulation


Salim Chaker

Salim Chaker is CAE engineer with a focus on system simulation, specialized in the automotive industry. Within the system simulation team, he is the expert for energy consumption analyses of vehicles and battery simulation. Salim joined the SimulationX team in 2013 which belongs to the ESI group since 2016. Before, he was a Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Automotive Technologies Dresden at the Technische Universität Dresden for four years.