Autonomous Driving – Standardized Virtual Development as a Key to Future Mobility

The trend of driver assistance systems is increasing and Virtualized development is the key to manage this increased complexity. The ASAM Conference showcases the various concepts that discuss autonomous driving from virtual verification to strategies for sensor modeling and data fusion. 

ESI Solution

Foreseeing the trend ESI's Pro-SiVIC™ offers a platform for virtual integration of a range of perception sensors, such as video cameras, radar, lidar, and cooperative sensors or GPS. Pro-SiVIC is the result of 10 years of research and development of advanced technologies by the French Institute of Science, Transport Technology and Network (IFSTTAR).

This enables our customers to: 

  • Have a reference for sensor positioning and the detection of algorithms, providing control of environmental factors, traffic conditions and driving scenarios
  • Perform safety studies on the integration of the algorithms and control functions before implementation
  • Analyze system performance and sensor robustness
  • Visualize scenarios involving vehicles, humans, objects and surrounding environment
  • Replay any scenario in order to compare sensors side-by-side
  • Assess fault diagnosis and system reconfiguration to achieve degraded, or “limp-home” functionality

With ESI Pro-SiVIC™ driving comes to life

The applications for this advanced software is wide, from ground transportation to virtual testing of lighting systems, ESI's Pro-SiVIC™ is applicable everywhere. See here for our tests and custom scenarios with different obstacles to compare our solutions. 

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